Review: Theatre Channel: Episode 6 – Showstoppers


With theatres across the country beginning to reopen, The Theatre Channel are celebrating with their latest episode of musical excellence. Episode 6 is filled with a range of musical showstoppers, from a range of the West End’s brightest stars including Layton Williams, Katie Deacon and Amber and Jade Davies.

The episode opens with a performance from the fantastic The New Café Five and The Theatre Café manager and performer, Jack Malin. The piece is staged inside the iconic café, and sets the whole episode off with a bang. It’s stagey, it’s a little cheesy and it’s everything I love about the West End.

Throughout the episode audiences are taken on a whistle-stop tour of some of London’s most iconic locations such as Piccadilly circus and The London Eye, before heading into an exclusive interview with Academy and Tony Award nominee, Antonia Banderas about the magic of A Chorus Line.

The combination of performance and interview gives the episode the feel of a good old fashioned variety show and is an absolute treat for any theatre fan.

As we prepare to head back into our favourite auditoriums, this is the perfect production to remind us all of just how special the theatre really industry is. I cannot wait to see the West End back to its former glory and cannot wait to get myself back for a cuppa in London’s stagiest café.

Stream Date: 24/05/2021 (Press Invite)
Available: Now
Cast: Danny Mac, Kerry Ellis, Layton Williams, Amber Davies, Jade Davies, Katie Deacon, Danny Becker, Kayleigh Thadani, M-Jae Cleopatra Isaac, Vicki Lee Taylor and Jack Malin.
Tickets: £12 + Booking fee

Images courtesy of Edward Johnson


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