A Look into the Palladium Pilot

A Look into the Palladium Pilot

Curious as to what a socially distanced theatre will look like? In my new post I’ve shared my expereince of attending the @LondonPalladium’s pilot performance yesterday afternoon! @Beverleyknight

Review: The Grinning Man

#TheGrinningMan “captures the essence of Les Miserables, and combines it with the sheer beauty of War Horse to create a truly entrancing production”.

Interview: Theatre Search

British Theatre is revered globally for its innovation and quality but stage doors are currently shut with no set date for reopening. Many may never reopen. Even before Covid-19 hit, there was a growing sense that something needed to be done to help diminish the cracks that were appearing in the ecology of touring theatre….

Review: WHITE by Koko Brown

New and upcoming venue, Brixton House (which is due to open in Spring 2021) is taking the opportunity during lockdown to look back on four of its brilliant productions from its Ovalhouse days. Filmed by LIVR, the 360° virtual reality theatre platform, Random Selfies from Mike Kenny, WHITE and GREY  from Koko Brown and Derailed from Little Solider will each be available…

Review: Emma Rice’s Wise Children (Stream)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “What a joy it is to dance and sing” and what a joy it is to finally be able to experience the brilliance that is Emma Rice’s Wise Children. “It’s 23 April, Shakespeare’s birthday. In Brixton, Nora and Dora Chance – twin chorus girls born and bred south of the river – are celebrating…

An Open Letter to Theatre and Performance Makers

It has been predicted that 70% of our performing arts companies will be out of business before the end of this year. If that wasn’t enough, more than 1,000 theatres around the country will be insolvent and have to shut down this year, unless government intervenes with a rescue package. More than 70% of the theatre…

Interview: Cautionary Tale Creatives

Rewind six or so weeks and Cautionary Tale, an exciting new British musical, was deep in the development stage when the pandemic struck. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown and social distancing, the workshop performances had to be cancelled. Instead of ending their incredible journey here and now, Rebecca Atkinson-Lord and Becky Applin are hoping to…

Quick-Fire Quarantine with Evie Rose Lane

And we’re back with one more Quick-Fire Quarantine! Evie Rose Lane is an actress and musical director who has worked on productions like Footloose, Menstrual Cups and Songs for Jeremy. Evie is a self-proclaimed Gleek and quite frankly is an absolute joy! If you could only pick one thing, what would you say has made…

Unpopular Theatre Opinions

Inspired by a recent vlog from @georgieashford, I’ve shared my thoughts on some of the internet’s Unpopular Theatre Opinions