For the past few years I have been writing freelance for a handful of websites such as the Student and the Travel Pocket Guide and have been running Centre Stage Reviews over on Tumblr. For the Pocket Media Group I have covered a whole variety of topics including travel, health and beauty, fitness and celebrities and on my blog I focus primarily on theatre.

I may be a shy individual, but since writing for these publications I now feel as though I have more confidence as not only a writer, but also a theatre critic. Creating and running Centre Stage Reviews has allowed me the chance to combine my passions of writing and theatre in a whole new way and is something I will forever be grateful for.

Centre Stage is my baby and I am constantly looking for ways to grow and improve the blog. I originally set up my Tumblr as somewhere to share my reviews, but I am so pleased to have grown as a writer and can now confidently share interviews, news, weekly articles and opinion pieces.

This new site will primarily feature my reviews, opinion pieces and Pocket Media Group articles. I hope you enjoy reading each piece just as much as I enjoy writing them.