Review: Seedling

“The speaker in Seedling gives a voice to many of our unspeakable thoughts as she lays herself bare in a poetic and quite frankly beautiful manner. Her soothing narrative creates a whisper like feeling and almost feels like a faceless friend in a confusing world.”

Interview: Tricia Thorns – Director of Staircase

For the first time in nearly 50 years, Staircase by Charles Dyer (1928-2021) will return to London in the Southwark Playhouse from 23rd June. Set in the swinging sixties, this laugh-out loud comedy explores the recent history of surreptitious same-sex relationships and shines a light on the implications of this secrecy for queer people. Starring…

Review: My Prom Date, The Axe Murderer

⭐️⭐️ After thoroughly enjoying Scott McQuaid’s last short play, I Stole Satan’s Girlfriend, I was somewhat looking forward to watching My Pom Date, The Axe Murderer. While both productions felt similar in aspects like the short run time and the simple set, the latter didn’t quite meet the expectations set by it’s predecessor. While Nancy…

Interview: Ashley Christmas from The Bloody Chamber

Interview: Ashley Christmas from #TheBloodyChamber

To celebrate @proteustheatre’s new adaptation of the classic novel, we’ve spoken with cast member @AshleyXmas about the piece and how it feels to be retelling the iconic stories with an all-female cast

Review: Touching the Void – Bristol Old Vic

“Touching the Void is quite simply a spectacle. The staging was exciting, fascinating and down-right remarkable, the lighting was bold and powerful and the performances were just out of this world. Technically, this is one of the most brilliant productions I have ever seen/ streamed”

Review: Theatre Channel: Episode 6 – Showstoppers

As we prepare to head back into our favourite auditoriums, this is the perfect production to remind us all of just how special the theatre really industry is. I cannot wait to see the West End back to its former glory and cannot wait to get myself back for a cuppa in London’s stagiest café.

Interview: Tabby Lamb – Theatre for Two

Interview: Tabby Lamb – #TheatreForTwo @wearekilter

This is a series of personal, interactive meetings between actor and audience that celebrate the absurdity of human connection. Ahead of the series we’ve spoken with one of the writers about their show

Review: The Russian Doll – The Barn Theatre

While she transforms into an unmoral and almost unrecognisable being, audiences cannot help but continue to care for Masha and I think this is down to the superbly raw performance from Rachel Redford

Interview: Helen Crevel – the creator of Seedling

A new audio installation from Carbon Theatre, Seedling, is coming to the Grosvenor Centre in Northampton from 25th – 30th May. Exploring potential motherhood, environmental responsibility and consumerism, the installation was created by Northampton artist Helen Crevel.

Ahead of the installation we’ve spoken with Helen about Seedling and the ways in which the installation explores motherhood and environmental responsibility.

Interview: Liza Pulman

New Interview!

To celebrate the launch of her brand new EP, Liza Pulman Sings Streisand, we’ve spoken with @liza_pulman about the record and about the impact Barbra Streisand has had on her life