The Theatre Indusry – A Response from my Local MP

Good Morning Gang! I hope you’re all well and keeping safe! I think it’s fair to say we all know the dire circumstances facing our beloved theatre industry at the moment. As a small scale blogger there is only so much I can do to raise awareness and feel pretty helpless as we watch theatres…

Interview: Golden Toad Theatre

With their tour of Errol’s Garden postponed till 2021, Golden Toad Theatre are teaming up with West End stars Courtney Stapleton and Joe Griffiths-Brown to help encourage children’s creativity to bloom through song, dance, and even a little bit of gardening!

Interview: West End Musical Drive-In

West End Musical Brunch, the UK’s biggest musical theatre party, is going to the drive-in this summer for a socially distanced musical theatre celebration. West End Musical Drive-In will bring some of the West End’s biggest and most loved voices direct to your vehicle. Each event will feature live performances from multiple West End stars,…

Review: GREY by Koko Brown

Koko is such a powerful artist. Her work highlights some of the most important issues within our society and forces us to enter some perhaps uncomfortable conversations. 

Review: Bard from the Barn Series 1

Based on an original concept by Aaron Sidwell and Hal Chambers, Bard from the Barn is a digital theatre series which reimagines William Shakespeare’s work to a range of modern-day settings such as a Deliveroo cyclist or a Zoom Party with your friends. 

Review: The Grinning Man

#TheGrinningMan “captures the essence of Les Miserables, and combines it with the sheer beauty of War Horse to create a truly entrancing production”.

Interview: Theatre Search

British Theatre is revered globally for its innovation and quality but stage doors are currently shut with no set date for reopening. Many may never reopen. Even before Covid-19 hit, there was a growing sense that something needed to be done to help diminish the cracks that were appearing in the ecology of touring theatre….

Review: WHITE by Koko Brown

New and upcoming venue, Brixton House (which is due to open in Spring 2021) is taking the opportunity during lockdown to look back on four of its brilliant productions from its Ovalhouse days. Filmed by LIVR, the 360° virtual reality theatre platform, Random Selfies from Mike Kenny, WHITE and GREY  from Koko Brown and Derailed from Little Solider will each be available…

Interview: Jon Morgan – Theatres Trust

We’ve all heard about the detrimental effect that Covid-19 is having on the theatre industry, but you may not be aware of just how much danger we’re in. Due to the temporary closure of venues it has been reported that 136 (57%) small theatres in the UK could fail within the next three months without…

Review: Emma Rice’s Wise Children (Stream)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “What a joy it is to dance and sing” and what a joy it is to finally be able to experience the brilliance that is Emma Rice’s Wise Children. “It’s 23 April, Shakespeare’s birthday. In Brixton, Nora and Dora Chance – twin chorus girls born and bred south of the river – are celebrating…