Review: Peter Pan Goes Wrong


In 2008 Mischief Theatre was founded by a group of London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art graduates. They originally began as a small theatre group on the London and Edinburgh fringes and have since grown into one of the UK’s leading comedy theatre companies with various productions in the West End, on a UK and US tour, on the BBC and even across the pond on Broadway. Their first hit, The Play That Goes Wrong has been seen by audiences on every continent except Antarctica, has won various awards and has become a modern day icon in the art of slapstick. The group have recently finished the West End run of their latest production, Groan Ups and are now sending another firm fan favourite, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, out on it’s first UK Tour.

“The members of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society are back on stage, battling technical hitches, flying mishaps and cast disputes as they attempt to present J.M Barrie’s much-loved tale. But will they ever make it to Neverland?”


For the most part, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is slapstick comedy genius. It’s witty and it’s hilarious, but can occasionally be chaotic and a little over the top. No matter which side of the fence you sit, whether you’re laughing uncontrollably or just smiling throughout, this production is the perfect break from the negative misery filling our news channels and social media. It’s simple, it doesn’t take itself too serious, and its main intention is to just entertain its audiences. There’s just something magical about a production and its team who simply wants to make others laugh.

This is a fun family show in perfect time for the Christmas period but beware, this most certainly is not a pantomime! (Oh yes it is…) For more information or to book tickets head to your local theatre websites.

Review Date: 30/11
Cast at the performance I attended: Romayne Andrews, Tom Babbage, Georgia Bradley, Connor Crawford, Katy Daghorn, Phoebe Ellabani, Ciaran Kellgren, Ethan Moorhouse, Oliver Senton, Patrick Warner, Eboni Dixon, Christian James, Soorosh Lavasani and Ava Pickett.
Images courtesy of Google Images. 

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