McFly @ The 02 – Unsaid Things

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In this article it’s going to seem like I’m moaning and being ungrateful so I’m going to start on a positive note.

On Wednesday 20th November I was lucky enough to attend the McFly comeback concert at London’s 02 arena. It was a truly spectacular night and one which will stay with me for a long, long time.

I can’t even begin to explain the mixture of emotions surrounding this concert for not only myself, but the other 20,000 fans in that arena. Seeing our boys back together, doing what they do best was just incredible, and I’m so pleased to hear they’re “back for good”.
I could sit here and say that “I didn’t realise how much I missed them”, but I would be lying. I’ve always known just how big of a hole they’ve left in my life, it was no secret, I just didn’t realise how badly I needed them back.

I know how incredibly lucky we were to actually get tickets considering the speed at which the event sold out, and again, I honestly had the best evening imaginable but that being said there have been a few things playing on my mind in the run up to and in the time after the show.

Tour Announcement:
The 02 show was announced around 10 weeks ago. It was announced on a Wednesday and two days later the tickets were on sale (one day if you had presale). It’s not much time to get money prepared but we did it, we sorted things and were able to book for this spectacular, “not to be missed” “one off show”.

Of course the demand was unbelievable, the show sold out within the hour. From that day we all knew this concert was going to be simply INSANE.

Less than a week later it was announced the band would be heading out on a UK tour in Spring 2020, it was then announced they would be returning to tour South America just before the UK tour, and then it was confirmed they would be playing a festival tour this summer.

I repeat, less than a week. As much as I try to kid myself, I have to admit I’m no longer a teenager with a disposable income. I have bills to pay and a flat to run.
It breaks my heart to say that I just couldn’t afford to book for the tour a week after booking my £65 02 ticket. I mean come on; both the tickets went on sale before payday! I could pay my rent, or I could book tickets. Of course my heart was screaming for the tickets, but my boring adult head told me I had to be sensible.

My problem was this then dampened my excitement for The 02. All I kept thinking was that I forked out for the more expensive “one-off” show, which also meant forking out for a hotel in London (it would’ve been impossible for me to get home after as the last trains and coaches leave London at 11:30), when I could’ve saved myself a bit of cash and just seen them closer to home.

Again, I know I’m incredibly lucky to have managed to get tickets for The 02, and despite my initial disappointment I was, and have always been so excited to attend the comeback show.

I just cannot get my head around the timings for the tour announcements.
I feel as though the announcements completely up-staged the 02, and stole its thunder.
Whenever the official band page mentioned the show on social media the comments were flooded by those talking about how the other shows were going to be better or almost trying to make the guys feel guilty about  those who couldn’t attend the first show.
Now I completely do get it, a lot of people were unable to get tickets for whatever reason, and of course they want to go and see their favourite band once again. I’m not trying to dampen their excitement at all, that’s not who I am and I’m so pleased so many others get this opportunity, but I just wish those who attended the show could’ve been met with the same courtesy.  I’ll never understand people who just want to rain on other’s happiness. We’re all fans, why can’t we be happy for each other?

It may sound like I’m not, but I’m completely for the tour, (and am desperately looking for reasonably priced tickets for Cardiff – if you have one for sale please do drop me a line!), I just wish it could’ve been announced after the come-back show.
Realistically, I think we all knew this was going to be coming, but in my head it would’ve made sense to announce in the come down from The 02 excitement.

  1. It would help cure post-show blues
  2. It’s spreads the cost out for fans
  3. It keeps focus on the “one-off” comeback show instead of what’s to come next year

I will also add that now I can actually afford tour tickets, the few remaining seats are being sold through Ticketmaster for over £160. I may be desperate for a ticket, but these prices are ridiculous. If I were to cave, one tour ticket will cost me more than both my Royal Albert Hall and 02 ticket combined. It’s just not reasonable.

Talking of overpriced items, did you see The 02 merchandise?
I mean, it was hard not to see it when the items were advertised and sold online before the venue had even opened its doors.

Again I get it. It’s giving those who couldn’t attend a chance to be part of the action and buy the official “one-night-only” pieces. I’m in no way against that, but 100% do not agree with the items being available to buy online before the show. I also do not agree with the fact that clearly a range of stock was specifically reserved for online sales.

One particular item I’m annoyed about is the wrist band. Obviously it was going to sell out. It’s a McFly show and the cheapest item on the stand. We have the same issue every single tour and every single special show. There are never enough wrist bands to meet the demand, and to be perfectly honest it was embarrassing.
Hundreds, if not thousands of fans left the merchandise queues disappointed (after waiting patiently for 30+ minutes), had to go order online and pay almost as much for postage as they did for the band.

I completely get their marketing team do not want to be left with an excess of merch after a one-off show, but how can they justify this? They know the bands sell and they know there is always disappointment surrounding the available quantity. Surely what becomes available online should only be the stock not sold at the show? Needless to say not only did the bands sell out at The 02, they were also sold out online before the show had even ended.

While discussing merchandise I will also quickly ask, did anybody else notice that the hoodie was £50, however when it featured in Tom’s Instagram story earlier in the day it was considerably cheaper. Tom and Dougie asked for the price, they were told they would be sold for £35-ish. Slightly misleading …

Basically to conclude, I had a truly wonderful evening celebrating my all time favourite band. I feel so lucky to have attended such a special show but McFly, if you’re looking to maybe add an avid fans/ concert goers perspective, I’d be more than happy to accept a job in your marketing team! I’ll eagerly await your letter in the post!

All my love,

Chloe xxx

Photos courtesy of McFly’s Instagram, Google Images and myself. 

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