The Blogger Recognition Award

You know when you have a task to do, but life just keeps getting in the way and that task keeps getting pushed further and further back?
That’s literally this post for me!
A few weeks ago the lovely Amy over at nominated us for the Blogger Recognition Award and I honestly don’t think I could be more grateful if I tried.
At times it’s so easy to become disillusioned with writing, but these sort of nominations work as a brilliant morale booster and remind the nominee that others are not only enjoying their posts, but want to celebrate their writing.

Amy runs a lifestyle blog which features reviews, lifestyle tips and offers an insight into her life with OCD and anxiety. Her blog is an incredibly positive and beautifully empowering place and I simply implore you to go check it out! Also she has a range of ridiculously adorable photos of her cats!

What is The Blogger Recognition Award?
The Blogger Recognition Award was created by bloggers as a way of celebrating other within the community. This posts allows us to recognise some of our favourites, and help promote their work and positive influence in the blogging world.

The Rules:
1. Thank the blogger who’s nominated you and provide a link to their site.
2. Write a post on your site displaying the award logo and explain why you started your blog.
3. Write two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
4. Notify and nominate 15 of your favourite bloggers.

Why I Started Blogging: 
As I child had always loved reading and writing and wanted to grow up to be an author. As I progressed through school that dream transformed into wanting to become a journalist.
During my final year of A-Levels I decided to complete the Extended Project to help earn those sweet sweet UCAS points. When preparing we were advised to complete a project on something we were passionate about to ensure we kept interest for the entire year. Seeing as my biggest passions were writing and theatre, it only seemed natural to create a theatre based magazine. Whilst others still to this day curse their projects, I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent crafting my baby and so decided to continue sharing my work but in the form of a blog.
Plus it’s a great way to showcase my work to any potential future employers.

Advice for new bloggers: 
1. Write about what you love.
There’s a saying that “If you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life” and I think that can certainly be applied to blogging.
When trying to establish your blog you may decide you want to blog about a certain topic or subject and of course it’s great to have a niche, but don’t allow yourself to become restricted by your own constraints.
I think it’s so important to write about what you love and if you do your articles will scream passion and will be so much more interesting.

2. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.
When you start blogging it’s so easy to get carried away and share all of your blossoming ideas at once. You want to be part of the blogging community and so you pile the pressure onto yourself to post as often as you can but this can drastically reduce the quality of your writing. Instead I would suggest setting yourself posting days. It means your audiences know when they can expect new content from your site and you can get yourself into a writing routine.

But just bear in mind, if you happen to miss a day or forget to post it’s okay. You’re only human and sometimes life just gets in the way, especially if blogging isn’t your full time profession.

If you put too much pressure on yourself you may find that it becomes a chore rather than a passion.

My Nominations:
Jess Ling
Nyxie’s Nook
Becky – Musical Theatre Lives In Me
Chloe – Writing the Blues Away

Thank you again to Amy for my nomination and thank you anybody who’s taken the time to read this post!
I hope you have a lovely day/ evening.

Chloe x



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  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I think I did this one a while ago but I’m still so grateful! I definitely agree with your advice, it’s easy to put pressure on ourselves especially when we see other people’s blogs doing well, but it takes the fun out of it if we become stressed over it!x


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