Things I Hate About Women’s Clothing

I’m going to start by saying clothes shopping makes me undeniably happy. Whenever I’m feeling blue it’s the perfect pick me up. My bank balance may not necessarily agree but who wants to listen to that negative Nancy anyway?!

As much as I love shopping and buying new clothes there are so many things which annoy me about the women’s clothing industry. After an evening of moaning/ researching through Twitter it would seem there are plenty of people who feel just as frustrated as I do and so I thought it would be fun to share all of the things which annoy me through one big ranty post.

Shall we begin?

Two Piece Outfits:
I cannot help but wish that companies selling two piece outfits online gave their customers the option to select a different sized top and bottom. How many people are honestly the same size all over?
For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to introduce a little more summer into my wardrobe and have been desperately looking for a cute lace top. This weekend I’ve finally found the below outfit on online retailer, Shein (link). I love the outfit, the price is pretty reasonable and the reviews are mostly positive. Just when you think you’re onto a winner you realise the sizing is S, M or L. Now I’m not completely against this kind of sizing, but the problem I have is that I have a bigger bust than waist and so generally need different sizes for each. For this particular order I’ve had to decide which part of the outfit I’d rather sacrifice and which part I’d rather, you know, actually fit. It annoys me to think that I’ve paid for a full outfit, but can potentially only wear one part comfortably. This issue could be avoided if companies just offered their customers the chance to shop naturally and pick outfits which will fit their entire body. 

I would say don’t get me started on women’s pockets, but this is an article discussing the things which annoy me about women’s clothing, so strap in, I’m about to rant! I will never understand why women’s pockets are so tiny and basically unusable?! In my frustration all I can think is whether these poor excuses for pockets are just a sneaky attempt for companies to sell more handbags? Sometime I may only want to go out with my phone and debit card and so do not want the hassle of carrying a bag (I should add that I’m extremely lazy) but there’s no way I can take this risk thanks to my practically non-existent pockets. I’ve tried it. It didn’t end well. Last year I smashed my phone screen twice in the space of 3 months due to my phone falling out of pockets simply while walking down the street. If I walk around with my phone in my hand I’m judged for “constantly being on my phone”. No, I just have no other way to carry it thanks to the clothing industry which seems to hate the idea of women storing things in their jeans! Rant over.

Size Brackets:
As I said earlier, I’m not overly bothered by the S, M, L sizing but what does annoy me are shops which use the sizing brackets such as: 08-10, 12-14, 16-18 and so on. You know that no matter what the item of clothing it is you’re always going to sit bang in the middle of the brackets they don’t sell. As women we are generally very lucky that the clothing industry appreciates that we all come in different shapes and sizes. It just frustrates me when certain stores limit their sizing range and group various sizes and body shapes together. Personally I can never find the perfect fit when clothes are sized this way.

Men’s Sizing Brackets: Although I’m not too bothered by women’s clothing being S, M, L (perhaps it’s just because I don’t come across it too often) the sizing brackets for men simply infuriates me. My partner is tall, slim and simply a nightmare to buy clothes for. Whenever we’re trying to find trying to find a new shirt for him we always seem to come across the same problem. A medium is too short but as the large growths in length, it also grows in width. The male sizing range is so restrictive and it amazes me that clothing companies still cannot see how men’s bodies vary just as much as women’s do.

Different Sizes for Different Stores:
Obviously online shopping can at times be a life saver. Picture the scene, it’s Monday and you’ve just agreed to go “out out” on Friday night. You need a fresh new look but you’re working late all week. You turn to the wonderful world of online shopping and discover a killer outfit, but realise that it’s from a store you’ve never visited before. Of course most decent stores have a size guide which offer measurements but if you’re ordering in a rush are you really going to have the time to whip a tape measure around your chest in the middle of the canteen? Ordering from a new store is always a risky game as no two stores seem to follow the same sizing guide.

Of course it’s a lot easier to just order two sizes and send one back, but the returns process never seems to be as straight forward as the website promises.

I’m curious, what annoys you most about women’s clothing? To join in with the discussion you can comment below, tweet us or head to our Facebook page to leave a comment.

Images courtesy of Google Images and Twitter.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. K in motion says:

    The pocket thing has annoyed me forever! I wear skirts all the time and they almost never come with pockets!
    Luckily, I have a seamstress in my village that adds pockets for me, but I can’t fathom why they can’t just have them in the first place!

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  2. You stole words from my mouth.
    But my experience with pockets have been different. All the pockets I had were pretty big to carry my LENOVO PHAB but very few dresses have pockets 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my god I love this post! I literally agree with like every single one of these! The two piece thing has to be a big one for me! Honestly so annoying! aha


    1. I agree about all the points you made. The sizing on clothing is very aggravating! When I shop in stores I usually pick two or three different sizes to make sure I find the right fit. It takes a long time to try on clothing but it works.


  4. I agree with the two piece outfits. I’ve struggled with that since my kids were born. Even at that age it’s the same scenario, too and bottom don’t match their size. And I hate the fact that it’s hard to find cute clothes. Barbie has cute clothes and baby girls have cute clothes. But once you’re an adult, where are the cute clothes. My girls love clothes shopping but it takes forever and many clothes changes to get what they are happy with.

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  5. Michelle says:

    I say this all the time. Not all women use purses so bigger pockets would be nice. I also hate the size differences for different brands. Why can’t they all be the same size?


  6. I totally agree about the different sizes. If I’m a 32 in one brand of jeans but at 45 in a different brand, how can I even buy clothes going forward?!


  7. maagnificentlife says:

    Every thing in this list.

    I guess I’m just awkwardly sized, because nothing ever fits me right. It’s the most annoying thing.


  8. Seriously… pockets… I love when I find clothes with good pockets. Also the sizing thing drives me insane… I honestly don’t care what the number is as long as it’s consistent everywhere.


  9. POCKETS ARE HELL! I WANT A GOOD POCKET!! This post is absolutely spot on.


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